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Do not repost my art, thank you

My name is Eli, and I'm a non-binary digital artist from Sweden! The E in my name is pronounced like EA in dear, and LI is said like the first part of little.

I specialize in colorful line-based illustrations, and love drawing fashionable girls and fantasy characters!

You'll find me as @hellosunnycore on a few different platforms, but I'm the most active on Twitter and Patreon.

In the past I used to go by "alohasushicore", so if you're looking for that artist, that's me!


Can I use your artwork as my icon etc?
Aside from Picrew icons, you can only use and/or repost art that was made for you: Meaning that either you received it as a gift from me, you commissioned the art from me, or you got permission to use it from the person who commissioned it from me.

You can use images made with my Picrew as your icon for personal accounts, but PLEASE respect my terms.

As always, if you do use or post an artwork that I made for you, even if you have my permission, always give visible credit to me!

Can I repost your art on [ … ]?
See the answer above ^

Can I use your Picrew for [thing]?
You CAN use it as your profile picture, and post it to image galleries and OC profiles etc, as long as you give visible credit to me.

You CAN'T use it as a logo, album cover, promo art, merch, flyers, stickers, etc.

You can find more Picrew info here.

Anything other than personal use is strictly forbidden.

What tools/programs do you use?
I use a 2nd gen iPad + Apple pencil, and I draw in Procreate. Sometimes I use PS for final color adjustments, or to make gifs.

What brushes do you use?
My lineart brush is a regular Procreate brush with Bonobo Chalk set as the grain source. The watercolor brush I use is the Watery Brush No 8 from True Grit's Rusty Nib pack.

My old art (including the Picrew) was drawn using two default Procreate brushes: 6B Pencil and Bonobo Chalk.

How can I contact you?
CuriousCat works fine for smaller questions or messages. For more specific or more personal questions, please send me an email. For commission inquiries, please fill out this form if my commissions are open.

Are you in any fandoms?
I'm a casual fan of many things, but my favorite thing in the world is One Piece!


Can I order multiple pieces at once?
Yes, that's usually not a problem!

Can you design me a logo?
No. I'm an illustrator, not a graphic designer.

Can you work from just a description?
If you don't have any references of your character, showing me a moodboard or pictures that remind you of them will help me capture them better.

Can/will you draw furry characters?
Yes, with a few exceptions like anthropomorphic cows, pigs, and horses.

Crediting the artist

— How does "crediting" work?

Even if you have my permission to repost or use something I drew for you, you still need to give visible credit to me. The point is to make sure that anyone who sees the art will easily be able to find out who made it.

If you're posting a commission that was made by me to an online gallery or OC page like ToyHouse, please include a link to either my Twitter or my website. If you're using a Picrew icon, a link to the Picrew itself works too.

Providing ONE link is enough, and if you're on Twitter or Instagram you can just @ me.

— Where do I put the credit?

The credit has to be posted in direct association to the image you're posting or using. In other words: the credit should be displayed where the artwork is displayed.

If you're using it as your profile picture, the credit should be in your profile/bio (though a pinned tweet would also work, if you're on Twitter).

If you're posting the artwork on Twitter, Instagram, Toyhou.se etc, the credit should be in the image description.

In short: if anyone is looking at the artwork, they should also be seeing the credit.

If someone who finds the image has trouble finding where the artwork came from, it means you have not credited the artist properly.

— Why is crediting artists important?

The point of crediting artists is to make it so that anyone who sees an artwork online can easily find out who made it.

It's not just about saying thank you to the artist, it's about sharing the creator info with everyone who comes in contact with the artwork.

From a user perspective: if someone sees an artwork they like, they might want to see more art like that. Ie: they'll want to find the creator.

By crediting artists, you're not just doing the bare minimum when it comes to respecting their work. You're also actively supporting them, by helping other people find them. It's good for business!


My Picrew/avatar maker is for PERSONAL & NON-COMMERCIAL use only.

You CAN NOT use it for business purposes, advertisements, self-promotion, branding, etc.

Picrew icons CAN be used as PROFILE PICTURES, with credit.

Picrew icons can also be reposted to picture galleries & social media accounts, with credit.


Please click here for information about crediting!



How do I SAVE a Picrew icon?
Click the green button and an image file will be generated for you to save.

How do I remove the watermark?
You don't!

Why do old Picrew icons not have the watermark?
Since my terms are very simple, I was originally hoping people would respect and follow them. They didn't, so I added the watermark.

What actually happened to the Picrew?
When it went viral a lot of people weren't crediting me or respecting my terms of use, so I added a watermark. Then people started harassing me about it. I took it down because the whole situation was making me sad and stressing me out. Eventually I put it up again, because I know it was a source of joy and creativity for a lot of people.

User related

Can I use the Picrew icon for my BUSINESS?
NO. What do you think "personal & non-commercial use only" means? Absolutely not.

Can I use the Picrew icon as my LOGO?

Can I use the Picrew to make STICKERS to promote myself or my store etc?
NO. You can't use it for branding or self-promotion.

Can I PAY you to let me use the Picrew icon as my LOGO, SHIRT DESIGN, BRANDING etc?
NO. I don't want your money. I simply do not allow that kind of usage. The answer is no.

Can I use the Picrew icon on TWITCH?
As your profile picture? Yes, as long as you credit me in a panel. As OBS screens like AFK, OFFLINE etc? No. That would be entering branding territory, and does not fall under personal use.

Artist related

Can I use the Picrew maker to design characters, or visualize my OCs?
Yes, absolutely!

Can I make a redraw of a character I made with your Picrew?
Yes, but make sure to credit me for the original!

Can I commission other artists to draw a character I made with your Picrew?

Can I sell characters I designed with your Picrew?
No. You can't sell Picrew icon characters, because generating money from the Picrew icon does not count as personal use.

I want to create a Picrew generator too, do you have any tips?
This written tutorial and this video tutorial both cover all the basics, like how to use the site etc.

As far as tips go, here's what I've got:

1) Look at the tutorials carefully, and make sure you understand the different steps before you start. Making a Picrew generator is a lot of work, and it'll be easier for you if you don't have to go back and edit things.

2) Plan your color palette from the start. Pick an aesthetic, and try to find colors that go well with as many other colors in your palette as possible.

For example, when you're choosing outfit colors: don't just pick a purple you like — pick a purple that looks good with as many hair colors and skin colors as possible. It will give different item combinations a more coherent and pleasing look.

3) It's fine to make a little Picrew maker just for yourself — but if you want to make something that many other people can enjoy too, you should think about including options for different kinds of people.

If you want to reach a wider audience, do your research. What are some things most creators usually include in Picrews? What are some things that you rarely see? What do users often ask for?

Good luck!

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